Nostalgia, an Intellivision Emulator

Nostalgia, an Intellivision Emulator 4.2

Nostalgia is a rightful name, one of the best Intellivision emulators there are
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Shiny Technologies

Nostalgia is an Intellivision Emulator created by Shiny Technologies. For those of you not old enough to know, Intellivision was one of the pioneer consoles in the business, long before Nintendo and Genesis. It was created by Mattel in 1979 in order to compete with the Atari 2600. Over 3 million consoles were sold and around 125 games created.

Nostalgia is an emulator to play those games on your PC. It is not only compatible with games from the first Intellivision, but it also works with games from the following Intellivision consoles. Nostalgia already includes a number of ROM games that you can play straight after downloading. It is configured by default to use the computer's keypad (as it resembles Intellivision's controllers) but this can be modified by the user. The games are, as might be expected, old, though there are some good games that will make Intellivision owners a bit nostalgic. This emulator is very well supported and updates come regularly. A good choice for those wishing to play again those old games. There is a newer version to download at the developer's site.

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  • A good emulator for Intellivision games


  • Feels very slow
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